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We've launched...

  • So we finally launched the iCan global network and memberships are now available to all who embrace the mission. The mission is to change the world from the inside. But perhaps I should break that down and unpack the idea.


    The only biblical formula for changing the world involves planting believers in the system and then promoting them to positions of influence. Someone has to go in and then make the difference from the inside. Examples of this principle are abundant in Scripture I.e Joseph, Esther, Nehemiah, Daniel and Moses were all positioned in world kingdoms on professional platforms for prophetic purposes. They each served God inside the kingdoms of men.


    The key lesson here is that transformation is always an inside job.


    The system


    The world is really a system made up of four key components as follows:


    • Politics - this refers to a region's law making and law enforcement mechanism
    • Economics - this refers to a regions prosperity or poverty
    • Culture - this is a societies norms and values and is a reflection of its educational institutions
    • Religion - this is a region's spirituality, philosophy and faith.


    We believe that these are the four corners of the earth. I sometimes refer to them as the pillars of power upon which a society sits. They are referred to by Paul as:


    • Principalities
    • Powers
    • Rulers of darkness
    • Spiritual wickedness in high places


    The main point here is that you cannot change the world until you change the components that make up the system. This means political, economic, cultural and spiritual change.


    Crossing Theological Jordan


    Embracing this idea will require us to cross over a theological Jordan so we can enter the promised Land. Here's what I mean. Israel had to go into Canaan in order to possess it. But they couldn't  go in until they crossed the Jordan river. We have to invade the four corners f our world in order to change it but like Joshua we are confronted with the Jordan of our own theology. You see; we have been taught a theology of separation, isolation and evacuation. The church was told to come out and touch not and this position has kept us in the wilderness moving around in circles.


    The invasion


    ICan global network is designed for the Joshua generation of believers who are not afraid to invade. The invasion means using your career to gain access into an institution or industry.  It also means targeting the key industries that sale the culture and determine a regions destiny. Our mission involves establishing a credible presence in key sectors for the purpose of transformation.


    Now, if you embrace this idea and want to join the revolution, then join the global network today and pass this article on to your friends. Blessings