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Open letter

  • Dear and precious family,


    I greet you in the sovereign name of our Lord Jesus. I’m just writing to testify of God’s amazing grace. He is a good God and mighty to save.


    A month ago, I spent most of my mental energy negotiating a tension between what was happening internationally and what was happening locally. Our movement had gained massive momentum with two successful campaigns in Jamaica and Nigeria. The message of the kingdom taking over and of the saints invading society had gripped the imagination of leaders on so many levels. God literally took us out of the corner and put us in the centre of nations where we could touch (if even in a small way) it’s politics and economics; its culture and spiritual life.  At the same time, there was war on the home front with an unprecedented attack on our local congregation.


    Today, I’ve just come off the prayer line, which was jam-packed with saints praying at 6.00am and the river of anointing is still flowing through me. We are now 15 days into a forty-day consecration involving a 6.00am prayer meeting over the phone as well as specific days of fasting. The prayers are working! Already, we are experiencing a re-focusing on our mission and purpose as a tribe in the earth.


    We started over a year ago with a vision to be radical and revolutionary as follows:


    • To birth a global movement for change
    • To raise up a global army of ambassadors who are able to represent the interests of heaven on earth. 
    • To call all saints everywhere into the full time ministry of influence
    • To invade the world through our professions and vocations
    • To establish a credible presence inside the key institutions and industries that shape our culture
    • To move from the religious corner and into the centre of our society
    • To build a global network of believers who share the vision
    • To use technology as a means of connecting, sharing, learning and growing


    The good news is that this vision is God’s vision and reflects the very heart of God. The even better news is that we are probably much closer to realizing it that we can currently see. Let me tell you why…


    Jesus spent three years preaching and illustrating the kingdom of God to the masses. But after three years, he only had 120 people to show for it.  However, after Pentecost, those 120 became 3000 in one day and then another 5000 were added in a day and then a multitude without number.


    I believe that God wants to add souls and soldiers to this movement in epic proportions. I also believe that the perfect mechanism for connecting and growing a movement already exists in our exclusive social networking site. I’ve been working on it for months to perfect it for this very purpose. It allows members to connect, share, learn and grow from anywhere in the world.


    I am therefore calling those of you who embrace the vision to take action now. The action is as follows:


    1. Join our 6.00am prayer meetings
    2. Sign up at
    3. Make connections with people in the network
    4. Invite 12 people to join the network with you
    5. Get on my training calls on Monday, Weds and Friday evenings from 7.00-7.30pm. These calls will teach you how to become a teacher in the network.


    If 120 people take this action, the movement would become unstoppable over night. Let’s make it unstoppable now! Lets make history now! Lets change the world now!!!


    Much love,


    Bishop Wayne Malcolm