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Why upgrade to Silver


    Becoming a Christ Ambassador

    Silver Level Training series




    The (iGN) is the cyber home of a spiritual movement. It houses a growing army of Ambassadors who are called to engage and impact their nations for Christ.

    The aim of this movement is three fold:

    • To move the church out of the religious corner and into the centre of society where it can engage and influence a nation's politics, economics, culture and spirituality
    • To call believers out of the bandstands and into the arena of social engagement
    • To raise up an army of ambassadors for Christ 

    Although Christ ambassadors are trained to achieve professional success; we view career success as a means to a more significant end and not as an end in itself. This is the subtle difference between secular self-development and spiritual or enlightened self-development. The objective with our brand of training is to equip you as an agent of transformation within your world and to position you as a light and leader within your chosen field of labour.  This means going beyond success to a place of significance where you are not remembered for what you got from life but for what you gave.

    This program is designed to deliver a Biblical and spiritual basis for your personal and professional aspirations. This way, your journey of self-development and career success will have a solid foundation and the necessary moral compass for direction.

    Success secrets

    Jesus was very careful about who he shared his secrets with. This is because the mysteries or secrets of the Kingdom are universal laws that work for whoever puts them to work. He didn't want the secrets to get into the wrong hands so He taught the multitudes in parables but revealed the principles to His disciples. In many respects, He made people qualify for entry into His mentorship program before revealing His deepest secrets to them.

    The iGN is based on the same principle. Before we can reveal the spiritual and universal laws that deliver success and fortune, we need to know that you understand the spiritual and social obligations that come with it. If your main goal in life is to get rich and live happily ever after, you will miss your moment in history and your opportunity to create a lasting legacy.

    This induction course is your starting point for enlightened career success.

    Here's how it works:

    There are seven core modules in this program and the training takes place every Monday via conference call. The entire course can be taught in a month and as such is repeated each month in rotation.

    The seven modules are:

    1. Understanding the great commission
    2. Understanding the gospel of the Kingdom
    3. Understanding the four faces of Jesus
    4. Locating the four corners of your world
    5. Accepting your call to ministry
    6. Understanding your anointing
    7. Becoming an ambassador for Christ

    The calls are open to you and your friends however; even though the public can listen in on these calls; the recordings and supporting documents are only available to Silver level members of the iGN. To complete your training at this level you should:

    • Register for the monthly induction webinar
    • Download the course outline
    • Dial into the conference training call every Monday as advertised
    • Alt: you can replay the conference calls at your leisure
    • Watch any video training sessions
    • Download any supporting documents
    • Listen to the 'Career Calling' audio book
    • Complete an online questionnaire
    • Claim your certificate as a Certified Christ Ambassador 

    Upgrading your membership

    To get the most from this series i.e. recorded audios, training manual, coaching templates and supporting documents; you should upgrade your membership to the Gold level. Simply go to your profile page; click on ‘settings’. Once in your settings click on the ‘subscriptions’ button and choose the ‘Silver’ subscription.



    The full program costs £120.00 for the year. It’s a one-time payment and gives you access to my library for a whole year. This is an amazing offer because the Silver page is being updated and populated weekly with new audios, videos, supporting documents and more.

    Our goal is to raise up an army of Ambassadors who can engage and influence key industry sectors for Christ. Are you an Ambassador?  I’m looking for ambitious believers who want to make a difference. If that’s you then let me become your mentor for the next year. Join the Silver subscription today!

    To your success

    Bishop Wayne Malcolm