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The Power of Words

  • This month of January, I have focused my personal devotions around the power of words to create and to destroy. In the beginning was the WORD. This is a powerful opening statement on many levels. It suggests that before there was a world, there was a WORD and that words precede worlds. This is a clue as to how worlds are made.


    ‘By Faith we understand that the world’s were framed by the WORD of God so that the things which are seen were not MADE of things which do appear’.


    This passage suggests that material things are made from non-material substances. The science of physics has bourne witness to this truth with its discovery that matter is made up of molecules and that molecules are made of atoms and that atoms are made of sub-atomic particles that are essentially non-material. In other words, physical things are made out of non-physical stuff. This is an important discovery for people of Faith because it proves our position scientifically.

    As Christians we find it easy to believe anything that we read about God in the Bible. However we do struggle to see how those things impact on our daily lives. The truth is that man was made in the image and likeness of God himself. This means that whenever God reveals to us something about himself, He is also implicitly revealing to us something about ourselves. He is revealing something about our very essence and true capacity. If he is creator, then so are we! If He is good, then in essence so are we! If He can make things out of His words, then so can we!

    When it comes to act of creation, we see God creating the universe by His own words. Could this also be a reference to the worlds that we create by our own words? In other words, we are constantly creating our own worlds by the words that we choose! Our financial, social, domestic and physical worlds are a reflection of the language we use to describe our experience.

    Perhaps this was the first lesson that God taught Adam when he tasked him with naming the animals. Effectively he said to Adam that whatever you call it – that’s what it is! You can choose what you call an animal, a beast, a situation, a circumstance, an event or an experience. Whatever you call it - is what it will be to you. Call it a crisis and that’s what it will be. However you can take the exact same circumstance and call it an opportunity! When you name it, you frame it and when you frame it, you can tame it!

    We see this principle at work in the life of Jesus. For example when Jesus spoke of his impending crucifixion, he referred to it as ‘being glorified’. When he spoke of Lazarus, he said, ‘Lazarus is sleeping, I’m going to wake him up!’ There are many other examples of Jesus describing a situation using language that flips the script and changes perspective.

    The real lesson here is that we give life to the things we speak about and the way that we speak about them. We give life to doubt and fear through our words. We equally give life to faith and hope by the same methods. That’s why death and career are in the power of the tongue.

    So how can you speak health, wealth and happiness into existence? The same way that God did! Demand it, expect it and re-name everything in light of it! By repeating your affirmations often, you will change the way you think. Your faith will be increased and with it your level of optimism and expectation. When you change the way that you look at things, the things you look at will change!

    Remember that before there was a world, there was a Word! Your word will precede, create and determine your world. So go to work now on changing your language. Do it for 21 days. Speak of things that are not as though they were. Place an order and make a demand. Make I am, I can and I will affirmations daily. Then rename everything in your life as a seed or doorway into everything you want.

    This is not magic, it is the science of Faith at work!


    Bishop Wayne Malcolm