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Design Your Life

  • There are only two ways that you can live out the rest of your life. By design or by default! When word processing on a computer you have the privilege of customising your documents to suit your own tastes, requirements and needs. If you fail to do this, the computers own default setting will determine the look of your document for you. The same is true in life. You have the option to customise your life to suit your own tastes, needs and dreams. Any failure to do so will subject you to life’s own default setting. Unfortunately the default setting for life is REPETITION, i.e. the circular motion of coming back to square one and to that all-familiar feeling of ‘I have been here before’ and ‘here we go again.’  You are literally doomed to repeat until the day you design! The choice is simple: customise your life or accept life’s default setting.

    Guilty of Doing Nothing!

    A judgement by default is a judgement passed in favour of the plaintiff when the defendant fails to appear in court or to enter a plea. The same is true in life. Any failure to design your future will result in a life by default, which is effectively a judgement in favour of your past and against your passion!

    There are five basic reasons why most people will never design their future:

     1. They Are Too Busy - Most people are caught up in the survival SIN-drome where most of their mental and physical energy is spent making it, coping, bearing up or surviving.  Such people are too busy making a living to think seriously about designing a life.

     2. They Don’t Know What They Want - Some people have allowed their past to obscure their true passion so much that they have completely lost touch with who they really are and what they really want.

     3. They Don’t Know How To - We’ve got designer clothes, jewels, cars and homes, but no one ever told us how to design a life! Learning to drive is compulsory whilst learning to live remains optional. Consequently, most of us don’t know how to control the outcomes of each day, month and year.

     4. They Don’t Believe It’s Possible To Live Their Dreams - Finding fulfilment, living our dreams, and achieving our goals often seems way beyond our reach.  However, the flags at the top of the summit stand as proof that this mountain is far from invincible. Everyone before you who made it to the top got there in exactly the same way - they took one step at a time!

     5. They Don’t Believe That They Deserve A Great Future - Such people are too busy mending the past to make good of the future. Whatever you can do to tie up yesterday’s loose ends should be done without delay. However, there are some things you cannot change or undo. You must accept this and move on. Stop punishing yourself for your mistakes, foolish decisions and bad behaviour. Learn from it and move on.

     The Good News!

     Most people are wearing a life that was handed down from parents, siblings or society. It was probably bought off the rack and was no doubt mass-produced to fit all shapes and sizes. Worse yet, there are those whose life is like a school uniform. It is a life of both conformity and obscurity where they are not allowed to stand out, be different, or otherwise express their individuality.

     Most of us shop in the same sorts of places, live in the same sorts of houses, drive the same sorts of cars and recreate in the same sorts of ways. However, there is an elite group who do not. These are the individuals who practise exclusive living. These insist on exclusive clothes, cars, homes, holidays and jewels, all uniquely tailored to their own personal tastes. Of course, these people can afford to sport their exclusive collections as status symbols and trophies of achievement. Most people cannot afford to do this and if they could, the rich would do something else because being different and exclusive is what they are all about. It is their unique ID.

     You may not be able to afford the exclusive life or to design your own home, clothes, vehicles, holidays, workspace, jewels and furniture today. But the good news is that nothing at all prevents you from sitting down right now and designing the rest of your life. With a few simple skills and techniques you can design a life that glorifies God, fulfils you, and positively impacts everyone and everything you care about.