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The more you learn...

  • Life only gets easier when you get stronger and it only gets simple when you get smart. Your job is to get better, stronger, smarter and faster at getting results. When it comes to success, learning is its root while earning is merely its fruit. It has been quite rightly said that the more you learn is the more you earn. Of course there are many other fruits of success besides financial earnings including health and fitness, love life and family, contribution and spirituality, however these are each the fruit of self motivated and self-directed learning. Continuous strategic Learning delivers real benefits as follows:


    1. In the agricultural age, wealth was linked to land ownership. The more you owned the more you earned. The industrial age then shifted the locus of control from agriculture to industry. Factory owners were the new rich and a pair of hands was all you needed to secure an income for life. The industrial age represented the age of manpower, but we live in the information age, which has quite rightly been dubbed, the age of mind power. Today, your most valuable asset is what you know. The best jobs and opportunities are now reserved for those who work with their minds in industries where machines have replaced human hands. This means that knowledge and skills are the tools of the 21 century and that they alone guarantee your life long employability and earning potential.The more you learn is the more you earn:

    2. The more you learn, the more options you have available: Without options we are not free. What is freedom other than the power to choose? Many people are slaves to their employers because they do not have the freedom to change jobs or even to explore a new career. They are trapped in a dead end role with no prospects for promotion or progress. The only way to break free from this cycle of despair is to develop, during your spare time, the knowledge and skills that would make you valuable to another employer or to the market place itself. New skills then open up new options and make you aware of new opportunities. With this comes a sense of freedom. If you don’t like the conditions in your current field, you can simply take your new skills into another field or to another employer. Every time you do a course or attend a seminar, read a self-development book or listen to an audio training programme, you are creating options for yourself and developing an amazing sense of freedom. 

    3. The more you learn, the more valuable you become: Your pay and perks are a direct reflection of your value to an employer or to the market you serve. The basic rule here is that man-power is cheap because there is an abundant supply of it. Mind power on the other hand is in short supply, but in high demand. Employers and consumers therefore pay the most to the people who have specialist knowledge and skills. Every time you do a course, attend a seminar, read a self-development book or listen to an audio training programme, you are increasing your worth to the market and positioning yourself to command higher pay, perks and fees.

    4. The more you learn the more success you will have in business: Most people go into business in order to achieve three types of freedom; namely time freedom, money freedom and emotional freedom. The problem is that if you do business the wrong way, it will take from you the very things that you hoped it would give you, namely time, money and peace of mind. This is the case for 90% of people going into business today. The difference between the bottom 90% and the top 10% is that those at the top have discovered a superior way of doing business. They have a superior business philosophy and subsequently a superior business strategy. They have cracked the code having found their own winning combination. In every case, they achieved this by working harder on themselves than they did on the business and gained business superiority by studying the business philosophies and strategies of those at the top. The bottom 90% on the other hand, have all made the mistake of working harder on the business than they do on themselves. The business then bottle necks at their own limited knowledge and skills. The goal posts are always moving in business; market forces, social trends, new technologies and globalisation mean that businesses have to be flexible and fast in order to stay afloat let alone to compete and win. For this reason, the fastest learners make the best entrepreneurs.

    5. The more you learn, the better you lead: The key to growing your organisation is simply to grow yourself. This is because the state and health of your organisation primarily reflects your capacity to lead. To lead a bigger and better organisation, you have to become a bigger and better leader. Although most leaders will admit that they still have room to grow, few have linked the growth of their organisation to their own personal growth and fewer yet have developed a strategic learning plan to bridge their own knowledge gaps or to make up for their own skills deficiencies. Those few leaders who are actively learning happen to be the few who are getting better and better at leadership. Those who think that they know it all or who have no plan for personal growth will eventually become the bottle neck and cork that stops the flow of creativity, energy and change that would have secured the organisation’s growth and success.

    6. The more you learn, the better you’ll cope: Life can be very complicated and difficult especially when the unexpected arrives. Coping with life’s twists and turns takes real skills like managing emotions, self-motivation, time management, problem solving, financial intelligence and a wide range of people skills. Those with a broad skills base are not only better equipped to cope but will also posses the tools necessary to turn their set backs into come backs and a crisis into an opportunity.

    7. The more you learn, the more you will attract: Your mentality is magnetic and can only attract the circumstances that suit your state of mind. Virtually all success philosophers agree that no one can achieve extraordinary success without an extraordinary mindset and that the winning formula to a new and improved life is a new and improved mind. If we can’t seriously change our lives without seriously changing our minds, then the big question is how do we change our minds? And the answer is; through learning. A new mind is simply not possible without new information, new perspectives, new possibilities and new abilities.

    8. The more you learn, the fewer mistakes you’ll make: Mistakes are inevitable. In fact behind every success is a trail of mistakes and failures. Winston Churchill said, success is the ability to fail over and over again without losing your enthusiasm. By all accounts success is the result of lessons learned from mistakes and failures in life. However those who learn from other people mistakes will make fewer mistakes themselves. The flip side is that if you do not commit to learning from the mistakes of others then you are doomed to make those mistakes yourself. Strategic learning is not primarily academic in nature. It is practical and draws on the experience of those at the top of the field. If you study the psychology, philosophy and strategies of the people at the top of your field, you will save yourself years of re-inventing the wheel and develop the wisdom to avoid the pitfalls that have claimed the success of people with rich intentions but poor information.


    9. The more you learn, the bigger your horizons will be: Most people dream within the context and confines of their past experiences or their present capabilities. Dreaming of a future beyond your present capacity is only possible for people who are committed to building their capacity to achieve bigger and better results. For example, you may currently be dreaming about getting a secure job with good pay, perks and benefits, however if you develop business skills, you will broaden your horizons and begin dreaming about owning your own business and becoming an employer yourself.

    10. The more you learn the better are your chances of success: Your chances of success at anything are directly linked to your knowledge and skill in that field. The more you know and the more skilful you are, the more likely you are to succeed. If in fact you became a master of the subjects and skills necessary to succeed in that business, then your success in that business is virtually guaranteed. The people who are most likely to succeed at investing are the people who understand the world of investing complete with its rules, services and vocabulary. Likewise the people who are most likely to succeed in business are the people who possess commercial sophistication and a wide range of business skills. You can therefore increase your chances of success by upgrading and improving your knowledge and skills through voluntary strategic learning.