• The New breed!

    Dear friends, I have been declaring the arrival of a new breed of believer for several years now and am witnessing the emergence of the same in virtually every continent of the world. But what is the New Breed and what are the characteristics of the people who are about to change the world?   

    1. They are saved by grace: through faith and that not of themselves…These believers have ceased trying to merit favor from God or to earn a spot in heaven and are instead trusting Christ for salvation.  They accept by faith that Christ has satisfied every requirement of the law on their behalf and that his righteousness is now theirs to enjoy. In other words they believe that there is nothing separating them from God and that the sin issue was fully resolved by Christ. They are dead to sin because it is no longer an issue!
    2. They believe in heaven on earth: Instead of abandoning the world and hoping to escape it; these believers are seeking to engage it and to change it for the better.  When they pray, ‘they kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,’ they mean it! For this reason, they are at war with poverty, disease, corruption and pollution. They seek peace and prosperity for their nation and are committed to social action and generational vision. They see God at work in society and reject the notion of invincible evil.  
    3. They are ambitious: I sometimes refer to them as the Joshua generation who are set to seize their cities and to take territory from the heathen. Like Caleb, their sights are set on the mountains of influence and power. The mountains of politics, business, arts, entertainment, education and the like have gripped their imagination and have become their uncommon aspiration. Their careers are callings and their work is ministry. Their profession is a platform or pulpit from which they preach Christ in word and deed!
    4. They are amphibious: This one is difficult for legalists, fundamentalists and religious folks who are only comfortable in a churchy environment. The New Breed however can operate in the church and in the world seamlessly. Like Joseph, Daniel, Esther and Nehemiah, they have learned how to serve God in the Kingdoms of men. They are not uncomfortable with sinners nor in a secular environment. They are fundamentally spiritual people who can relate to the material world.
    5. They are bilingual: They speak two languages at least. They speak the language of the Kingdom of God and the language of the industries in which they operate. Every Kingdom has its culture and language. This includes social and economic Kingdoms. The New Breed (depending on their assignment) can speak fluent Politese, or businessese or legalese or street slang if needed. They can communicate effectively with a secular environment whilst thinking sacred thoughts.
    6. They are prayerful: God is their source, prayer is their life-line and faith is their fact! Spiritual health and the presence of God is their critical success factor. He is their reason and the reward. This does not mean that they wear religion on their shoulder like a badge. Many of them have learned to operate under the radar because of the fields in which they labour. Like Esther; many of their colleagues around them do not even know the depth of their faith and identity. However this is a strategic move and not one based on fear of rejection. Though their faith may be a private matter, it is usually proclaimed through deeds first and only then with words.
    7. They are generous: These folks are philanthropic in every way. Their professional ambitions are fueled by a desire to make a difference. They want to give as much as possible and therefore seek to get as much as possible. They have rejected the lie that money is evil or that success means selling your soul. Instead these folks seek power and wealth for the sole purpose of changing the world and healing the land.
    8. They are anointed: This means that they possess a sense of assignment and authority. Their career is a calling, a mandate and mission. They are here on purpose to impact society and to change the world through Christ. They do not crave recognition from a church because their mission goes beyond church walls.

    The Jordan

    Many believers are stuck at the Jordan river of a theology that keeps them in the wilderness and prevents them from entering the promised land. That Jordan River for some is the idea of an immanent evacuation of planet earth by the believers. Jesus is coming soon – they scream! But this has been true for 2000 years. At no point does your belief in the second coming justify the abandonment of a whole generation. Those who emphasize the immanence of the second coming find it difficult to embrace a generational vision or to engage in nation building. I think Jesus taught a balanced view so that we would live as though each day is the last whilst planning and building an inheritance for our children’s children.

    For others it is the belief that social action without missionary evangelism is the ultimate deception. Doing good for the sake of doing good; to them is the same as doing evil. If you’re not preaching and calling men to repentance then everything else is a waste of time.  However, permit me to remind you that for three full years, Jesus did good without ever making a public announcement about his identity. He further admonished people to repent of religious hypocrisy and to stop using religion as a cloak for unrighteousness.