• Breaking through the success barrier!

    I discovered through martial arts that if you want to punch through a piece of wood; you have to aim at a point beyond the wood. In this way you will apply the right amount of energy at the point of contact. The message is simple, don't aim for the wood; aim beyond it! If you're only trying to get to it, then you may break your hand instead of the wood. This has happened to so many people who are aiming to break the millionaire barrier. They aimed for it and instead of breaking through it, it broke them in pieces. Their marriage, their health and their faith gets broken in the process of aiming too low. What ever goals you had up until this point, I want to challenge you to break through them and to aim at a point beyond!

    Your capacity to create value, solutions and revenue is only limited by the size of your goal. This means that the bigger your goal, the more creativity and energy you will experience. It's the difference between trying to make ends meet this month or trying to raise the budget for this year. Interestingly, those who are focused exclusively on this month, will have to do it all over again next month and end up in an endless cycle of stress. The penny dropped for me when I realised that it is as easy to raise a million as it is to raise a thousand if your motivation is sufficient and your believe is strong enough.

    If you set out to raise a thousand then your mind will offer you several solutions and strategies to achieve the goal. However if you set out to raise a million, your mind will do the same if you believe it is possible. It will offer solutions and strategies to make it happen.

    Can I go a little further. Think of the difference in mind-set between the person who is trying to make a million for themselves and the person who is trying to give away a million each year to charity? The person who is trying to give away a million a year will see making a million as an interim goal. It will seem small and the smaller it seems the easier it will become to achieve. I know that these are large sums, but the principle holds true on every level. Your why determines your how. The bigger your why, the better your how! If your why is self obsessed then your how will be limited. If on the other hand, your why has to do with impacting and enriching many others who you may never meet, then your how will be nothing short of a breakthrough!

    Are you trying to get rich? The bad news is that You may break yourself in the process but if you aim at a point beyond being rich, you will break through the rich barrier with ease. If you obsess about enriching others, you will inevitably become rich in the process. This is the difference between being blessed and being a blessing. God told Abraham that he would bless him and that he would be a blessing. In other words, the goal is not to be blessed but to become the blessing. In this respect Abraham's goal was to become a conduit or a pipe instead of a bucket or a cup. There is a limit to how much water you can put in a bucket, but no limit to how much you can put through a pipe. He wanted the blessing to flow through him and not just to him.

    There is a reason why the richest men and women in the world are so philanthropic I.e. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah winphrey? Most think that their abundance of money is the reason for their mind-set. Could it be that their mind-set is the reason for the abundance of money! The philanthropist knows that there is a place beyond success. If you aim for it, you will break the success barrier with ease. Ignore it and you may end up breaking yourself.

    Think about it and get ready for the next article...