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  • I am personally excited when I consider the opportunities that are emerging in the world for a new breed of leadership.  Let me explain!

    The world is in transition right now on so many levels and in so many ways. This is partly due to what I call ‘the game changers’. These are those factors that make it impossible to keep doing business as usual.

    A good example is technology. The digital revolution is nothing short of a game changer for small and big business alike. Governments and voluntary organisations likewise have to get with the program or get left behind simply because the game has changed.

    Another game changer is the political landscape in which shock election results have ushered us into a new world with new strengths and weakness together with new opportunities and threats. Not least of these threats is terrorism and cyber security.

    The classic game changer was the economic crash of 2008 in which banks went bankrupt, countries went bust and the age of austerity began. Even on a spiritual level, the advent of Christian TV saw the arrival of the mega church and TV evangelists who have raised a whole plethora of issues for the church world-wide.

    The good news is that with every game changer comes a transition in which vacancies for new leadership emerge. New stars are born as new voices drown out the old.  New leaders appear and new movements follow. New millionaires arise as great businesses emerge.

    The bad news is that most people miss their moment in the transition and get left behind because they were looking in the wrong direction. They focused on the collapse of the old instead of seizing the opportunities in the new.

    The most important thing you can do in this transition is to manage your focus.

    Instead of focusing in what’s wrong, you need to look for the opportunities that exist in every crisis. Perhaps this is your moment to rise and shine.

Last year I took a handful of people through a coaching process designed to discover, develop and deliver their deepest ambitions. I’m pleased to say that everyone who went through the program, which lasted 12 weeks, is now fully engaged and advanced in their wildest dreams.

    In fact, this week I celebrated with one such student who came to me in a state of total despair having no clue what they wanted to do with the rest of their life. We went through the program and they discovered that their deepest passion revolved around teaching vocal techniques. We celebrated this week because not only is this person now fully qualified at an advanced level, but has now begun taking in paying clients.

    At the end of this week I will again celebrate with a student who came to me in the same condition but after the program, discovered that their deepest ambition involved missionary work in Africa. The client has since started a micro-financing organisation that is servicing female entrepreneurs in remote villages in Africa and is already planning their 3rd trip to the region in less than one year.

    The great news is that I’m running the program again albeit in a different way and at another level. I’m looking for 12 ambitious souls who really want to make a difference in the world and want to develop a coaching relationship with you. I want to use the tools and techniques I’ve used over many years to accelerate your progress so that you emerge from this transition as a leader in your field.
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