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Bishop Wayne Malcolm (aka - The Business Bishop)



About the Bishop

Bishop Wayne Malcolm is considered to be a master of motivation and a leading performance coach. With over 25 years of ministry on four continents, Wayne has addressed a variety of groups, associations and organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors. His passion for personal development together with his skillful and humorous presentations has earned him the reputation of being one of the best in the business.


Wayne is an author with 25 titles under his belt and the producer of numerous audio-learning programs. In 2013 Bishop Wayne consolidated his various ministry initiatives under a new umbrella:  The International Christ Ambassadors Network (iCAN). The organisation is composed of a church network, a leadership school and a global network of leaders.


iCAN seeks to establish a credible Christian presence in every industry and institution that shapes the culture of our societies and distributes learning resources that support the personal and professional growth of our members.

What is the iGlobal Network

About the iGlobal Network

Welcome to the iGlobal Network of marketplace leaders. We are a network of ministers, entrepreneurs, influencers, creatives, political activists, public servants, teachers, athletes, entertainers, journalists and more. In fact, the list is endless because our goal is to establish a credible Christian presence in every key industry that shapes the culture of our societies.


Our core conviction is that social transformation is usually an inside job. This means that we cannot change a society from outside its institutions and industries. Instead; like Joseph, Daniel and Esther in the Old Testament our goal is to go in and influence both policy and practice at the highest levels of government, business, education and social conscience.


If you are a believer then your presence in an industry sector, sphere or professional arena means that God has access and agency in that space. If we want to see God at work in our society then we must bring God to work with us. That doesn’t mean witnessing at every given opportunity nor does it mean telling your story to all who will hear. It does mean rising to the top of your profession until you have authority and influence in that space. You can then use your influence to advise, guide and steer the organisation.


Leadership is the purpose of your position!


Of course there are thousands of job opportunities, career paths and professions that position believers within the mechanism of society. Unfortunately many believers still haven’t realized the purpose of their position and in that sense the collective potential of the church is sleeping. Our goal is to wake up the sleeping giant of Christian potential in every nation by mobilizing members with a fresh sense of calling and mission. The mission is to lead the field.


Leadership is influence and your calling is to influence the:

·      Character and culture

·      Beliefs and behavior

·      Policy and practices

·      Norms and values…

that define your workspace.  


Our work:


Bishop Wayne travels the world conducting schools of ministry and training believers for leadership roles in society. This includes training pastors, entrepreneurs, professionals and social activists on various aspects of social responsibility and impact.


Joining this network


We invite you to signup for free and join this network today. Once inside you’ll have access to multiple resources including audios, videos, articles and eBooks from Bishop Wayne’s archive and library. You’ll also get to connect with fellow believers who are operating in various spheres of social influence and receive regular updates on the Bishop’s events, itinerary, tele-seminars, webinars and more. See you on the inside…


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