Walimila Simwanza (Program Analyst)

Lockdown Opportunities turned reality

Posted November 30, 2020
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Last week's teaching on lockdown opportunities challenged me to take an action I never have and I am amazed at the results.

Bishop spoke of monetizing things that we dont use around our homes in last Tuesday's session on lockdown opportunities. One of the other participants added that she had lived in many different places and had to gothrough a "purge" whenever she was moving. I was immediately challenged to start thinking of things that i had around my house that i dont (or wont) use. I was immediately drawn to my closet which contained a number of articles of clothing that i had never worn and a number of bags and purses which still had the tag on.

I was reminded of an instance that occured over a year ago. My housekeeper was in need of some additional funding and i was not able to assist her at the tie due to some previous commitments. I did have a number of clothes my sister had given me because she was culling her wradrobe. I handed these over to my housekeeper for her to sell towards her need and she reported that she had been successful in doing so and was very happy for the help. With my memory jolted i began trolling my wardobe for items that i could sell. I collected a number of items and the next day when my housekeeper came into work i had a coversation with her about the possibilty of her selling these items in the same way she had a year earlier. I also offered to make it worth her while by offering her 20% of every item sold. Lo and behold not only did she report that almost all the items were sold before she even got home but she stated that people would be interested in getting more if i was interested in selling more. I culled a few more items the next day and sales going My housekeeper is estatic about the opportunnity to earn a little money and is quite the sales lady. She has impressed me with her great record keeping and seeing her reaction has prompted to start thinking about creating opportunities for her  that would alow her to discover and pursue what she is passionate about.

Not only did we both make an extra income from this exercise but i was able to empower my housekeeper and i am very ineterested in looking for more opportunities to do that.