Walimila Simwanza (Program Analyst)

Energy Managemment Systems work!!

Posted December 15, 2020
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Tonight's lesson on designing my Energy Management System was so relevant in somany ways. I definitely agree that having an EMS

I work in an environment in which constant complaints are about as regular as breathing air. For a while i went along with it and i didn't realise just how draining this was on my energy and focus until it began to bother me. I couldnt understand why i wuld be left so upset after partaking in a good dose of complaining about our senior management team. It dawned on me that it was the negativity that was causing me to feelsoupset and drained after every complaint session. Once i decided to stop (and this involved distancing myself from colleagues and friends at work for whom this had become a daily ritual) i found my energy coming back, i found that i was more focused on my job, my performance at work improved dramatically and i am actually a happier,peaceful person.  Praise the Lord. To sustain this i engage in a daily routine of prayer, goal setting and positive confessions about me being a problem solver, solution creator and provider and a value adder! Bishop you articulated the relationship between energy and having a daily routine so expertly!!!! God bless you!!