CHRISTINE ENDE (Judicial Officer)


Posted January 20, 2021
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Career Mapping Secrets

Compliments of the season Bishop! I have been following you for over 5 years now! I wish to use this opportunity to appreciate the Business Bishop for contributing immensely to  my career  progression. Every coaching session has been such an  impactful experiencing! The  last 2 coaching sessions on "Career Mapping Secrets" was totally illuminating for me. The Bishop elucidated the fact that  a 3rd of my life will be used working, so my question is,  if I will be a using a critical 3rd of my life working, then I must begin with a destination in mind. well, since I have began the journey  already, there is still room to put things in perspective.

The  teaching on "Career mapping  secrets" have opened my eyes to the opportunities and mechanisms to apply in order to rise to the TOP of my organization as the CJN!  so far I  have risen to stage 4 of the Career map as succinctly taught by the Bishop. This is no doubt a critical time for me to skill up my core competences, be assertive and less aggressive at the same time keeping in mind that "nicety wont get  the job done!.

I was so excited when the Bishop eloquently explained the NO 6 secret which is understanding the FOUR personality type, as he was speaking, I clearly could see  a little bit of  me in all the qualities mentioned, nevertheless I  have  resolved to work more on the Type C Quality which is "THE THINKER" being detail oriented, logical and always prepared to take up tasks required without violating other peoples self worth.

 I cant wait to hear more on this exciting topic next week.

Thank you Bishop!